“ I hope my family gets some insight into what it was like at home. I’m sure they don’t really understand what it was like.”
Bill Hollis, Client
"...it’s been a real privilege to hear your story."
Volunteer Biographer Fleur Rubens
"I was so happy with the chance to share my story, and to give my kids a gift. They all wanted copies."
Gwenyth Cadwallader, Client
"It’s been a win-win situation for our residents, relatives and staff members..."
Erin Kennedy, Service Manager, Mercy Place Montrose
"It makes him feel proud. Proud of his life and what he's achieved."
Gwendoline, Daughter of the late Harry Mulvogue, 98 yrs
“It means a great deal. I love the biography, I like to read it because it reminds me of myself, my family is gone so it’s a nice memoir. I’m very happy that you’ve done this for me Carol.
Audrey Duggan, Client

Beyond Words celebrates, honours and affirms the unique and rich lives of older people in our community.

We are a not-for-profit community of volunteer biographers who enable people in aged care to tell, write and publish their life stories.
Beyond Words is more than producing a book, its real value is in creating a space for personal reflection and connection through story.

Long Story Short showcases the incredible lives of two Beyond Words clients who share insights into life, love and loss.
Beyond Words is an initiative of The Biography Program (ABN 12 153 358 313). Based in Melbourne, Victoria.