For our clients, telling their story is a fun and productive activity that helps them to reflect on life’s meanings. It lets them record memories, reflections, tributes, pass on information and perhaps even heal past hurts.

What our clients say

The most valuable thing was …

“it will remain after I am gone.”

“Having the chance to express myself and opportunity to revisit old times.”

“Leaving written memories for the family.”

“Myself and my 4 children, who are aged in their 60’s back down to 50’s, were amazed that I did it!”

“it was a wonderful experience and everyone wants to read my story.”

“..a wonderful opportunity to spend time with volunteer and to provide a wonderful legacy for the family. Something to be treasured and read many times.”

“I realise I had a more exciting life than I thought.”

“It made me happy.”

Being guided to think back over the time, one thing led to another and I kept remembering all these moments I’d forgotten ever happened. I was so happy with the chance to share my story, and to give my kids a gift. They all wanted copies.”


“I’m finding my life sooo interesting…!”


“100% enjoyment… If the others get as much enjoyment out of it as I have then I would thoroughly recommend it.”


“It means a great deal. I love the biography, I like to read it because it reminds me of myself, my family is gone so it’s a nice memoir. I’m very happy that you’ve done this for me Carol. Carol is a perfect example of loving your job and not doing it just for the money. She does it because she loves it. She knows how to make a person feel relaxed.”


“ I hope my family gets some insight into what it was like at home. I’m sure they don’t really understand what it was like.”