For the biographer, opportunities are created to have fun, to use and develop skills in a meaningful way and to hear interesting stories of the older persons in their community.

Biographers attend regular in service meetings to share and discuss experiences with other team members.


What Biographers Say

It’s been a privilege to work with my clients and write up their biographies. There are multiple rewards in the process. 

I have been enriched by hearing their stories too. These people in their nineties have lived through hardships of The Depression and a world war yet each has shown me the value of a life well lived – instances of care, loyalty, love, compassion, fighting for an ideal, righting an injustice: that makes the work so worthwhile. Often in our busy lives we do not make time to ask questions of our forebears. The biography process gives the whole family a chance to open up valuable conversations.



Many hours spent helping Harry write his life story… “and I enjoyed every minute of it.”

-Carol W

As a biographer I feel an enormous amount of respect for the client, and am amazed how much trust develops between the client and ourselves.  Also their willingness to participate and share intimate details.


The joy my clients have felt working with me at our weekly sessions has been evident and the handing over of the published biography, their sharing with family and friends a truly satisfying achievement for them. It is a privilege to be able to assist in the writing of a client’s auto biography … This work continues to be an amazing, fulfilling experience and I value and appreciate the help, friendship and camaraderie of my fellow volunteers and the support staff.

-Carol W

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Current biographers can access resources here.