Our Name 

The value and impact of our work extends beyond words.

While the published biographies we co-create with our clients are a permanent legacy of a life lived, these biographies are a by-product of a more valuable therapeutic process of story-telling, enabled by empathetic listening.  While there is often detail shared that is not included in the final published biographies, it is the process of personal reflection and talking about ones’ life that is most valuable.  Beyond Words recognises this value, and the positive impact that extends beyond the life of the author.  

Our logo

The brace, or curly bracket logo, not only signifies the outline of an open book turned on its side, but is used in poetry and music to mark joined lines, or to signify movement in a particular direction. Our logo typeface is classic typewriter  to evoke times past and is textured to symbolize the many hues and imperfections that make a person’s life unique.